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FOX News
Apr 23, 2013 12:00pm PDT
being naturalized as a citizen. reporter: republican snort charles grassley says he is simply concerned was this kind of stovepiping between agencies they saw before 9/11, this lack of sharing information. so, in other words, the lack in -- the left didn't know what the right had knowledge of. >> shepard: thank you. more from boston coming, including a man who says the suspect pointed a gun in his face and told him in no uncertain terms, they were the bombers. inches of rain and snow in the midwest, causing major flooding. that isn't a picture of major fooding. that's more like an afternoon shower in ft. lauderdale. but there is majored inning. an update from the fox weather center on this tuesday. only rzr delivers. now's the time to buy during the polaris xp sales event. take your pick of our new limited edition rzrs and get financing as low as 2.99%. save even more with rebates up to $500... or totally customize your new rzr with up to $500 of free polaris accessories. razor sharp performance is waiting for you during the polaris xp sales event. >> shepard: 14 minutes past the hour.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1